Meredith Mason

portfolioMeredith Mason is an English-communications major at Salve Regina University.  She is minoring in business administration.  She has a 3.6 GPA and has made Dean’s List.

She serves as the co-editor and chief of Salve Regina University’s student newspaper the Mosaic. She is also  a student mentor for the Center of Student Development.

The coursework she takes at Salve Regina is writing-intensive.  In addition to her English-communication courses, Meredith is completing courses in marketing and management.

In the fall semester of her junior year, Meredith interned at Discover Newport. She provided media and communication support for the non-profit business and tourism promoter.

As a senior, Meredith is currently serving as a media assistant for Salve Regina’s office of University Relations. She publishes news updates for the Salve Regina website, Salve Today and writes articles for the university’s quarterly magazine, Report From Newport.


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