Vortx: Pronounces Hangovers Are History

Writing for Public Relations: April 20, 2012


Newport, RI, April 11, 2012- A three-pill supplement that can diminish the negative effects of drinking? The college party scene is about to witness a major boost in weekend productivity.

Vortx is the first-ever patented, and FDA approved party supplement, designed to enhance every minute of a party experience and the next day. The supplement includes a three-step process in order to eliminate the negative effects of drinking such as an initial lack of energy, nausea, the spins, and most importantly, to prevent the dreaded hang over.

Steps include “pregame”, “black out” and “good morning.” The “pregame” pill will start the night off with energy using dosages of guarana, korean, ginseng, and B 12. The “black out” pill is taken after drinking has already begun. Vitamin K and ground ginger root work together to calm the interior stomach lining and reduce nausea. Vitamin K in the form of phylloquinone also prevents dizziness known as “the spins.” The “good morning” pill uses cardamom to calm the digestive system, vitamin C to replenish the body of lost nutrients, and guarana to kick off the day with a burst of energy.

Vortx is the creation of a group of entrepreneurs, originally from Cape Cod, Massachusetts. The idea came to them when they were trying to figure out ways to eliminate a hang over. “ We wanted to create a product that would assist our friends and other students in enhancing their party experience, and prevent the negative side effects of alcohol,” says founder and CEO, Ryan Trudeau.

Although the idea for this product came from a group of young adults, this is more then just an experiment run by college students. The Vortx group has worked with a chemist to create the best possible product.

This new and exciting product is slated to hit college campuses around the country sometime this year. Vortx is looking for college sales representatives to promote the product at a variety of schools. If interested, please contact Ryan Trudeau at http://www.livevortx.com.



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