Discover Newport: Great Gatsby Pitch

*This is a pitch letter prepared for Discover Newport to send  to Boston Common Magazine

The new adaptation of F. Scott Fizgerald’s 1925 novel The Great Gatsby is scheduled to hit theaters this summer.  A new twist on the classic tale of the wealthy and their extravagant social affairs engulfs viewers in the land of lust and luxury of Jay Gatsby and his entourage.  In Newport, Rhode Island, the site of the original Gatsby film adaptation, much of this extravagance is still captivating affluent visitors in search of a lavish seaside destination.

A Viking Trolley can introduce you to Newport with a guided tour of Ocean Drive and downtown.  You will become accustomed to picturesque views of the 10 mile Ocean Drive and the mesmerizing magnificence of the Newport mansions along Bellevue Avenue.

Peruse the great illustration artists including Normal Rockwell, Maxfield Parrish, N.C. Wyeth, J.C. Leyendecker and more through a tour at the National Museum of American Illustration..Located on Bellevue Avenue, the museum at Vernon Court features original artworks from its permanent collection. These ‘Golden Age of American Illustration’ pieces are works of art that Daisy Buchanan would have marveled over.

Begin the evening at the elegant Hotel Viking as they host ‘Spirits and Stogies’ at the Top Of Newport rooftop lounge.  Enjoy superior cigars, perfectly paired high quality spirits and small bites. This high-end cocktail hour consists of cognac, brandy, port, single malt scotch, tequila, rum and liquors with cigars from the Old Firehouse Cigar Shop in Fall River, MA.   Executive Rhode Island Chef of the Year 2007 prepares food bites to compliment each cigar and spirit.

Whisk up and away for a sunset tour of the Auidneck Island coastline with Bird’s Eye View Helicopters. The exclusive island tour covers 30 miles of shoreline as you soar over Newport mansions, downtown Newport and views of Middletown and Portsmouth.

End your night at the Newport Flower Show opening party at the Rosecliff, one of the original film sites of the Great Gatsby. Enjoy a delicious cocktail buffet while perusing all the flower show has to offer.

Whether you spend your day on a luxury boat ride past the Castle Hill Inn, or on the rooftop of the Vanderbilt Grace hotel sipping champagne, Newport is sure to capture that Great Gatsby spirit.


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