Twitter Project

BY Meredith Mason
Twitter analysis project for Issues in New Media Class

I. The Newport Gulls

The Newport Gulls are an extremely successful team and are well known in the New England Collegiate Baseball League. Last year, the team won the 2012 championship to earn their 5th league championship title. To create buzz for the upcoming 2013 season and opening day, we will build off of the team’s success from last season. The Gulls roster is made up of college baseball players from around the country. The players arrive back in Newport roughly one month before the start of the season. The hashtag we will use to promote opening day is: #TheGullsAreBackInTown. This will get the word out that the players are back in Newport and are ready for another successful season. Opening day for the Newport Gulls is Thursday June 6th. Our Twitter campaign will begin one month before opening day on May 6th and will run until opening day.

In order to give the Gull’s Twitter feed more reach, we will reach out to Discover Newport and the Boston Red Sox. Discover Newport is a non-profit business and tourism promoter for the city of Newport. They currently have over 4,000 followers. Many people who are looking to visit Newport follow Discover Newport to find out what events are happening in the city. This would be a great way to get information out to tourists and locals who are specifically looking for events in Newport. We also feel that it is important to reach out to a specific sports network that has a large following to promote the Gull’s opening day. After conducting research, it is clear that the Boston Red Sox would the most significant influencer to the Newport Gull’s. Many people in Rhode Island and New England are fans of the Boston Red Sox. Other sports networks that the Newport Gulls are associated like New England Collegiate Baseball League and local sports stations such as WPRI Sports do not have large social media followings. The Newport Gulls are also partially sponsored by Major League Baseball, so the Boston Red Sox would be an appropriate team to promote the Gulls.

Two Sample Tweets:
1. 1 month until opening day! The @NewportGulls are back to defend their 2012
championship title #TheGullsAreBackInTown

-The link is to a Gulls sponsored YouTube video of highlights of the 2012 championship season.

2. @NewportGulls warming up for their 2013 season. They are ready for opening day, are you? #TheGullsAreBackInTown http://bit.lyPHOTO

– The link will be a photo taken that day of the gull’s practicing for opening day.

II. Salve Regina University Senior Week

Senior Week is the most anticipated week for the 2013 graduates during Spring Semester. It is not only a celebration of all of their hard work, but it is also a time to look back and reflect on the great memories that were created at Salve. In order to create buzz and awareness in the weeks leading up to the event, we will ask students via Twitter to submit a before and after picture of their freshmen roommates. The majority of students take a picture with their freshmen year roommates on move in day. The students would be asked to reach out to these roommates, and take a picture somewhere on the Salve Regina campus with them. The pictures will then be put into an app that displays them side-by-side. The photos will be played in a slideshow during the Commencement Ball on the final night of Senior Week. To promote more participation, one team will be randomly drawn from the submission pool and will be refunded for their purchased commencement tickets.

The tweets to promote the four events will have an upbeat, student centered tone. The ultimate purpose of this week is to celebrate seniors, and that is exactly what these tweets will do.

4 Sample Tweets:

1. Get ready seniors because #SRUSeniorWeek is: All about you! Kick it off on the Mohegan Sun bus trip this Monday! Https://Bitly.FB

(The Bitly link will bring viewers to the Student Activities Facebook photo of all the events for senior week)

2. Hey seniors! Are you craving one last night out on Thames with your crew? The toast goes out to you at The Pelham on Tues, 5/14 #Cheers

3. Keeping it classy in mansions is what we do best, right? Get ready for some surf and turf in Ochre Court on Wednesday! #SRUSeniorWeek

4. It’s Prom season at SRU! Grab your date and break it down at Commencement Ball this Thursday Https://

(The Bitly link will send viewers to a photo of students from last year at commencement ball)
-Side note, “Prom” is an inside joke that Salve Students use to refer to commencement ball.

III. Isabel Wilkerson

Sample Tweets:

1. Pulitzer Prize author, Isabel Wilkerson, will present a public lecture Wed, 4/24 on the @SalveRegina campus

– The Bitly link will bring viewers to the Salve Regina University News page announcing the Wilkerson event
-This tweet is to strictly announce to @SalveRegina’s followers that Isabel Wilkerson will be giving a lecture on their campus

2. @SalveRegina wants to invite you to hear Pulitzer Prize author Isabel Wilkerson on 4/24 @projo @NewportPatch

-The Bitly link will be to a photo of Wilkerson and include details about the event
-Although this Tweet is similar to the first announcement Tweet, this purpose of this post is to officially reach out to the Rhode Island Community. This Tweet will capture the attention of the Providence Journal and the Newport Patch, and they will be more likely to respond because we have chosen to specially reach out to them.

3. Read an excerpt from The Warmth of Other Suns before Isabel Wilkerson arrives at @SalveRegina this week

-The Bitly link will allow viewers to read an excerpt of Wilkerson’s book The Warmth of Other Sunds before the event.

4. Do you have a question to ask Isabel Wilkerson @SalveRegina tomorrow? We will chose 3 questions for @IsabelWilkerson to answer at the end of her lecture.

-This will give viewers the opportunity to engage in the presentation through a mini social media campaign.

5. The fifth tweet would be a re-tweet of @IsabelWilkerson announcing that she will be visiting @SalveRegina today.


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